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EasyPay Bill Payment

As part of its value-added-services offering, EasyPay developed and operates the consumer bill payment service introduced at retail point-of-service over 10 years ago. Known and marketed as “EasyPay”, the service is integrated into South Africa's largest retailers, mobile channels and online via

EasyPay processes monthly account payment transactions for approximately 200 different bill issuers including major local authorities, telcos, utilities, medical services, traffic departments, mail order companies, banks and insurance companies, to mention a few.

The offering includes the on-line and real-time validation of amounts to be paid and expiry dates of certain account types. The payment of traffic fines was the first to benefit from these developments.

Pay-points include national outlets such as Pick 'n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Lewis, EasyPay’s website and many more.

Now consumers can also pay bills via their mobile handset using an MTN Banking product called MobileMoney or the Wizzit Bank offering.

Click here to register free of charge and you will be able to transact online. For a comprehensive list of the bills payable at any EasyPay pay-point nationwide. Select the menu option "What can I pay?"

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